As reported by Ankita Varma in Straight Times. Original post can be found here.

Love, Bonito‘s open-plan office, which boasts a 4,000 sq ft warehouse, in-house photo studio and large pantry, was created with the millennial worker in mind.

Tables are shared, with no cubicle divisions. In a corner sits a table overflowing with snacks. Propped against a wall is a cork board titled #LBempowers, covered in colourful post-its highlighting the goals and desires of team members, including wanting to learn Muay Thai and throwing a durian party.

This plugged-in and lively work culture has been 10 years in the making for the founders Viola Tan, 32, and Rachel Lim, 29. The third co-founder Velda Tan is no longer involved in the daily operations of the business.

Both of them are daughters of taxi drivers and had no background in business. Their journey has been one of trial and error, but experience has made them better at managing teams and people their own age