As reported in AsiaOne on 15 April 2016 by Amrita Kaur. More details can be found here.

Vikram Rupani and Roger Egan III were classmates doing their master of business administration in entrepreneurship and marketing at INSEAD in 2010. They lived near the institute and often did grocery shopping in the one-north area. At that time, there was only one supermarket there. The supermarket didn’t have the entire range of products and it was hard for the two to lug the bags of groceries home, as they didn’t have cars.

They thought that facing such a problem here didn’t make sense as Singaporeans are tech-savvy, the country has a high Internet penetration rate and groceries are a necessity in every household. The duo, who were customers of online grocery shopping website FreshDirect when they were living in New York previously, also understood the convenience of getting household products delivered to their doorstep.