As reported not he TradeGecko blog (found here):

We’re happy to announce that TradeGecko has been selected by Shopify Plus as a preferred inventory and order management platform for Shopify Plus merchants. TradeGecko enables Shopify Plus merchants to manage their products, orders, and customers across multiple sales channels, locations, and currencies in one place.

TradeGecko provides Shopify Plus merchants with detailed business intelligence and customer insights so they can track their business performance on TradeGecko. Merchants will have access to sales order reports that enable them to track their products and customers according revenue and profit, along with inventory reports such as stock on hand reports, reorder reports, and location reports.

Shopify Plus merchants who sell wholesale can use TradeGecko’s B2B eCommerce store to wholesale online. With the B2B eCommerce store, you’ll be able to create unique catalogs and pricelists for every customer. Once customers have placed their orders, you’ll be able to send invoices through TradeGecko Payments that come with a “Pay Invoice” function for a faster payment experience.

What our customers say

“My TradeGecko to Shopify integration has been game changing to my business. It allows me manage inventory levels at all my stores from one dashboard.”
– Shaper Studios

“Having the ability to know real time inventory levels, pricing and bin location has saved a HUGE amount of busy work. Knowing bin locations and quantities by SKU saves us a huge amount of time.”
– HLC Electric

“We’ve been using TradeGecko with our Shopify store for more than a year now and the integration works seamlessly, the syncing of inventory and stock levels is the best, particularly when using multiple sales channels through TradeGecko…don’t even think twice get this app you will not be disappointed!”
– Re Vived