As reported by Zhaki Abdullah in Straight Times (found here).

Speaking to ST, Go-Jek vice-president of data science Misrab Faizullah-Khan said the firm remains focused on its home market. 

“Indonesia is already a huge market. There are 250 million people in Indonesia, so we’re very far from saturating that market,” said the 28-year-old, who heads the firm’s Singapore office.

However, he said the firm has “not ruled out a regional game plan” for the future. For now, Go-Jek’s Singapore office at AXA Tower in Shenton Way, which began operating in January, is focused on data science.

“We try to utilise Go-Jek’s massive data to create intelligent systems,” said Mr Faizullah-Khan, adding that these systems are used to manage matters such as surge pricing and “intelligent allocation” to better match commuters and riders.

Go-Jek chose to house its data science operations in Singapore because of the “large talent pool” and the technological infrastructure.

“We don’t have to worry about the Internet suddenly going out here,” said Mr Faizullah-Khan.

Go-Jek has 20 employees here, 16 of whom are data scientists.