NSI Ventures recently co-hosted a set of panels with SeedPlus and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Singapore. The event brought together over one-hundred and fifty Angel and Seed-stage founders and CTOs to hear some practical advice from later-stage CTOs and VCs.

The first panel was hosted by Gaurav Arora, Head of Startup Ecosystem APAC for AWS. He moderated a discussion with Ajey Gore (group CTO at Go-Jek), Ofir Shalev (CTO/CIO at CXA Group), Sam Zhao (CTO at Chope) and Jin Hian Lee (Co-Founder of mimetic.ai). The CTOs shared some lessons they learned when scaling their engineering team and systems. They also discussed their thoughts around some of the macro trends in the tech world, including modern server infrastructure and artificial intelligence.

The second panel was hosted by Gillian Tee of Homage. She moderated a discussion with Shane, Anvesh, Michael Smith (Partner at SeedPlus) and Tiang Lim Foo (General Partner at SeedPlus). The VCs discussed some common pitfalls founders face around valuations, negotiations and deal terms. They also shared some advice about how to approach VCs and the metrics to focus on when discussing an investment opportunity.

NSI Ventures would like to thank the co-hosts, speakers and attendees for a great event. We look forward to hosting similar events in the future.