As reported by Michelle Teo, DealStreetAsia (found here)

Over the last three months, thousands of COVID-19 patients in Singapore have strapped on their arms a biosensor that helps healthcare workers remotely monitor their symptoms.

The biosensors and analytics platform for clinicians are part of a kit that includes a smartphone preloaded with an app. These have been reconfigured by startup Biofourmis to measure more than 20 physiological signals, including temperature, blood oxygenation, heart rate variability, and respiration rate. The patient-facing app is run on six different languages.

Importantly, the AI-powered platform can predict clinical exacerbation by as much as 21 hours before it happens, allowing for early intervention, the company says.

Singapore is the latest country to adopt the system for people at its Swab Isolation Facilities and Community Care Facilities.

Biofourmis’s system has already been deployed in Hong Kong, Australia, the UK and the US. According to founder and CEO Kuldeep Singh Rajput, the startup is also in discussions with a couple of other governments to deploy the system.

Rajput had earlier told DealStreetAsia that the system had received approval from authorities in Thailand.

Biofourmis says more than 10,000 kits, including 2,500 biosensors in Singapore, have been deployed. The company has had to ramp up manufacturing of the biosensors in Switzerland by ten times in order to cope with the demand, said Rajput.

The remote surveillance of the disease using Biofourmis’s system could help cut the risk of infections among healthcare workers. The data it collects would also help clinicians understand the disease better, the company says.

Digital therapeutics startup Biofourmis was founded in Singapore in 2016 and was part of NUS Enterprises’s accelerator. The platform, Biovitals, was originally developed to track and improve treatment for patients who have had heart failure, such as monitoring for arrhythmia and giving physicians information to adjust prescriptions, where needed.

According to Rajput, the units that are now in use against COVID-19 can be collected and re-purposed for managing patients with other chronic, complex conditions, at home.

Biofourmis has raised roughly $45 million so far, including a $35 million Series B round in May last year led by Sequoia India. Other investors in the company include Openspace Ventures, Aviva, and MassMutual Ventures. DealStreetAsia understands the company is valued at at least $500 million.