Tanihub is an Indonesian-based company that offers a technology-driven platform to better match supply and demand in the Indonesian agricultural and fresh produce sector. Current product provides farmers (i) access to transparent (often superior) pricing (ii) smooth logistics, and (iii) small scale lending/pre-funding for crop production, and for buyers it offers (i) high quality produce with supply certainty at competitive price, and (ii) elimination of middlemen. TaniHub has acquired over 17,000 farmers onto its platform providing fresh produce to buyers of various channels, from large supermarket chains to SMEs. Tanihub launched ‘Tanifund’ in mid-2017, which provide farmers with access to working capital through crowdfunding from retail lenders on a variety of agricultural projects

Country: Indonesia
Industry: Agriculture, Microfinance
Founded: 2016
Founders:  Ivan Arie Sustiawan, Pamitra Wineka